Cesna 172 down northern MN. Two survive

Mechanical failure and bad weather. What are the chances?
Seems more like a controlled off airport landing rather that a "crash". Kudos to the pilot.
Just saw the news on this. Not much details available. Flightaware.com shows it as an IFR flight. His track looks somewhat wobbly to me so not sure if he was tired that late or his instrument flying was lacking. Will be interested to know what ntsb finds out.
Pilot is a friend of a friend. The conditions that night were poor. Ceilings approximately 600’, rain and potential icing conditions. He is an accomplished commercial pilot.

That being said, late at night, IFR, in that plane, probably not the best decision to fly.
This sure sounds like just another carb ice event. Pilots are far too poorly trained in the physics of carb ice, when to expect it, and how to deal with it.

600-foot ceilings mean a one-degree C spread between temp and dewpoint at ground level.


You figure it out.

I bet the investigators will find nothing wrong with that engine. The ice will be long gone.
It's incredible that he found a paved surface in that area under those circumstances.
IFR at night looks like
Luck was on the pilots side.