Certified-To-Experimental Survey Results, Next Steps

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    To everyone who took the time to complete the survey, thank you very much. So far nearly 160 pilots have take the the time to answer the questionnaire, and the results are amazing, if not particularly surprising. Many of us would gladly trade our standard airworthiness certificate for an experimental certificate. Take a look at the results here:


    Based on the response, I’ve put together a more detailed description and FAQ explaining what I had in mind with for the Experimental Owner Maintained category. Here’s a link to the Google doc. It should allow anyone with the link to comment, and I would appreciate any relevant, constructive comments you might have:


    Next up: the alphabet organizations. I'm going to forward this to the advocacy teams at AOPA and EAA to see if they have any interest in trying to make this happen.

    Again, thanks for the help and apologies for cross-posting this on every forum I could find.