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    Feb 23, 2005

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    John Recine
    I am not certain how many of you travel on business, I do. As such I have had the distinct pleasure of visiting other Pietenpol buildersseeing their projects and discussing the build process. Typically that newly established builders ritual for Pietenpolers involves discussions over an adult beverage,beer. Sometimes that beer is also washed down with Pizza. Eithre way its great fun.

    Sunday I had a fellow builder visut my shop and on Tuesday I was visiting another builder in Indiana, a new addition to the traveling builders squad.

    I for one learn a bunch of stuff some of it relative to building, but a bunch of stuff.

    I wasnt sure if anyone else does that but we sure enjoy it, and even though there are no Piet builders here any of you that finds your self in or near Lancaster PA are welcome to come and visit.

    Its just a bunch of fun, educational and thrist quenching and although the only ones I have the pleasure of sharing with are the Pietenpolers I am sure as builders we all share a common bond

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    Feb 24, 2005
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    Adam Zucker
    Nothing like a common interest to build comraderie!