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Nov 28, 2023
Chesapeake Bay
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New member here (RV builder)....I have a super nice Bonehead Pilot X helmet/headset that I want to sell and the classified section of this forum doesn't seen to allow me to post anything until I have 50 posts. Can someone point me in the right direction, I have lots of pics and info but not sure where to post the item.
Welcome to PoA!

Per the RoC,
Users must have a minimum of 50 total posts to create a thread in The Classifieds.

Think of this as a cover charge to deter scammers and drive-bys who post an ad and never come back.
Post the helmet for sale on the Big Tire Pilots page on Facebook. Somebody there will appreciate it.
Supercub.Org has a classified section. That’s another good place to post it.

Since you’re so into RVs, has there been any news on the Van’s business situation?
I only know what I read on Vans Aircraft Official Website. In a nutshell, (IMO) they seem to be working their way through the laser cut parts issue, albeit at a cost.