Aviation Goals for 2020

... I'd like to try it, but the idea of getting strapped to another dude kind of turns me off. He brought the jump plane in for service one day... a hilariously rough looking early 182.....don't think I'd ride in it without a parachute.

Ha! When I did my first jump last year, my instructor was female and kinda cute... :) A bonus was getting to ride in a Beech 18, even if it was only for half a flight...

But yeah, most jump planes are pretty rough.

My goal, for the next few years if not this year, is to get my SP-CFI ticket. It will happen, just maybe not this year. More realistically, I have my sights on a few flying/camping trips (fly to the trailhead for a backpacking trip).
Fly more.

Attend Rough River 2020 Fly-in with the finest jackwagons on PoA.

Maybe Oshkosh again.

Maybe get a bigger airplane.

Not crash a plane.

Fly more.
Learned to jump out of airplanes the old fashion way- Army Airborne School at Ft. Bending, GA. Afterwards, learned free fall through an accelerated free fall course with the Army’s Parachute Team, the Golden Knights. One day of dirt diving for ground school. Next day, first jump at 14,500 off the tailgate of a C-130. My two instructors followed me out and held me in a stabilized body position until I learned basic air maneuvers. I think I did 5 or so before my first solo. Flying a square was very different than a round chute and first landing or so weren’t so good. Some face-skidding was involved but after I learned how to better stall the chute, wasn’t so bad. Tandem rigs were just entering the civilian market (mid 80’s) and I recall refusing a ride in one. Might do it today. Interesting - never jumped again once I left the Army. Those rattle- trap jump planes I saw at a number of jump clubs scared the hell out of me.
I started a new job that requires crap load of flying, zero aviating . If I can get 50 hrs this year, I will call it a success
Fly osh ,sun n fun , a few long cross countries.
Buy an airplane.

Remain solvent.

Fly more.

(I realize these are somewhat mutually exclusive.)
Have you seen this one at RYY:

A co-worker is wrapping up on his PPL. I told him about this one as well. He talked to them and said they are planning on getting another plane so they can add more members.

They have a 182RG, a 172M and a 172M Super Hawk (180 hp).

Or are you looking more for a partnership-club (equity / non-equity)? Those pop-up from time-to-time and often go fast. There is a group working on getting a SR22 over at PDK.

That club used to be only for Lockheed-Martin employees. I didn’t realized they opened it up to the general public. I guess it was sustainable privately anymore.
For me, the same bucket list items I’ve had for years, log some time in a DC-3 and get my seaplane rating. Who knows, maybe this will finally bd the year. :)
Continuing to live well, fly well, and hoping that my enemies learn of it, preferably not from me, and curse.

...same as every year, really, since getting the license in 2003 :D
Complete annual in the next 2 weeks, started it 12-31-19. Fly once a week if not more for the rest of the year. Not truly realistic but one must dream
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Comply with ADS-B

Maybe the year I finally finish the Instrument Rating

Fly more <- Original, I know
Fly at least 50 hours.*
Finish upgrading Broom Hilda
Train as much as I can for instrument rating
Complete enough hours* to sit for A&P test early next year.

*the two cannot be completed at the same time.
Get more hang gliding hours, been kind of tied up on PP and IR last couple years. Now that both are under my belt, need to work on getting my US ranking up a bit higher. 2 weeklong competitions, one in Florida and the other in West Texas.
Still going to target 100 GA hours and stay IFR proficient.
Instrument rating.
Rough River.
Maybe aero/upset training, start commercial training.
100 in type and 400 total.
Get my ATP in a couple of months. Log 500+ hours 121 time. As always, stay out of the trees, out of the office - in that order.
1. A long (to me) XC from KOFP to KFFA.
2. Get my endorsement to land at towered fields. I am a sport pilot.
Finish up my commercial and hopefully get CFI. Also, get checked out in my Challenger II EAB. Then I can build a lot of hours at 3gph mogas. :)
Last year I broke 200 hours for the year thanks to a side gig doing some instructing. Due to some life/career changes, I've had to step away from instructing this year, so I'll probably be lucky to fly 20 hours this year. With the weather, I haven't flown at all this year so far.
Mine is to take less time than Flight Chops to get my IR. My goal is summer.
-100 hrs in my Sonerai
-Attend Reno Air Races
-Get my RV-8 past the canoe stage on standing on its own gear.

I became #formerpilot :D