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Discussion in 'The Classifieds' started by Ken Ibold, Sep 22, 2005.

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    Feb 21, 2005
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    Ken Ibold
    I was perusing eBay looking at Garmin 296s and heck if I didn't end up being the high bidder on one.

    So now my trusty Apollo Precedus is surplus. If you're not familiar with the unit, it has a BW screen that's vertical (the way it should be). Has some approach overlays and extended runway centerline function. HSI screen, too. This was a top of the line GPS when it was new 9 years ago. Works perfectly. Battery has been replaced a couple of times and this one still holds a good charge. Yoke mount, remote antenna w/mount, case, AC charger. DC charger gone but works with an ICOM or DRE DC plug.

    Software includes Waypoint manager and can switch among aviation/marine/road/hiking modes. Right now it has the southeast road database, full aviation database (last update in 2003), and Atlantic marine database installed. I'd be happy to delete the marine and/or change the road database for you before shipment, and then include all of the databases I have. All books and documentation included.

    If you buy it and you're not happy with it, I'll refund your money no questions asked. Well, maybe I'll ask but I'll still refund your money.

    Make an offer.