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    I think I may have met Bob, the son, once or twice. I met Ben, the dad, a bunch of times back in the '60s and '70s. Ben and his flying buddy, Everett Kimball, came out to the airport every weekend, clipboard and sectional chart in hand, rented a plane and flew somewhere, anywhere and everywhere. Every weekend like clockwork back in those decades. So, I was surprised to receive an article from Florida with an account of how Ben's son made a donation of his late father's Colt to the Piper museum in Lockhaven. Ben was a very gracious and nice man. Like father, like son, apparently. The Colt is blue, the same color as the one I logged my first ten hours in. You may have once read an article Ben wrote in Plane and Pilot magazine in September 2009, "A Sentimental Journey".
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    Very good read, thanks for posting it.

    As a pilot who started in 1957, and achieved the PPL in '69, those days of airport activity and prices are a big part of my memory.

    Even before that, I went to the Seven Corners airport in Virginia, and helped a guy with a Piper change his brake pucks. That would have been about 1948. No hoped for plane ride for helping, but fun anyway. He just loaded his tools back in his car, and went home. I hopped on my bike, and did the same, as supper time was not far away.

    I did my PPL in a 1960 Cessna 150, for $10, wet, and paid the instructor $7 a tach hour. He had a good full time job, and instructing was for the fun of flying.
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