2015 Midwest Fly-in Spring Fling

You know, if we keep this up the buckeyes could end up outnumbering the Michiganders!!!!
Try this routing over the lake, MBL MNM, only 56 nm for the crossing.

I usually cross LDM to the corresponding point on the Wisconsin side. I think it's 46nm or so. But you still end up with 5-10 mins of wet footprint.
Two years ago we went via the Chicago route.

Of course this is from KMGY but the route KMGY, KUGN, GRB, 6Y9 is 4:09 with todays winds

Through MI I have KMGY, KGLR, KSIX, ISG, 6Y9 and 4:21 with todays winds.

Using KMGY, KLDM, MNM, 6Y9 I get 3:54 with todays winds.

The trick is altitude over the lake so if you need to take on fuel you need time to climb to an altitude you are comfortable with to cross the water. It is preferred to land light at 6Y9 so you are light heading out. Clintonville is a good place for economical fuel on the way home. (Ed's Choice IIRC)
If course I am flying a brick when the fan stops, so I am cautious about water crossings.

Exciting to have some new people thinking of 6Y9
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The one time I did it successfully in the airplane I crossed over Beaver Island. At my altitude we'd not have gotten wet if the fan stopped. Truly one of the most beautiful trips I've ever taken.
I see Diz already thanked you but I'll thank you again. I know it's a tremendous amount of work and I know exactly what you mean about "why do I do this".But, I have the same feeling as you said " when that first plane shows up" it is all worth it.
Thanks to you and J for a really great time. Say hi to J's dad I had a good time talking with him also.
Safe Flying and RVing