1. S

    Van's RV Kit

    Hey guys. I want to buy an RV Kit. The lead times for these kits are getting ridiculous to purchase from Van's site. I would prefer an aerobatic, side by side seating, nosewheel kit like a 6a or 7a or 14a. Please, if you know anyone trying to get rid of their kits please bring them to me.
  2. M

    For Sale WTB: Flying Van's RV-9a

    As in title, I'm looking to buy an RV-9a. Prefer autopilot, sliding canopy, 160 HP O-320 (or IO-320). VFR panel. Located in midwest. Cash. Thanks for your help.
  3. S

    Want To Buy CFI near Chandler, AZ

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a CFI to instruct me towards the PPL in a RV-9A that I'm a 50% owner of. Let me know if you'd be interested or know someone who would. Available anytime besides weekdays 9-4. Thanks.
  4. Adam Weiss

    Cockpit size

    Mission: 2 seats and a little baggage. 300+ nm X-Country + IFR. The most bang-for-the-buck seem to be experimentals. I thought the Thorp T-18 was the perfect answer: great performance, simple, low cost of entry... Until I sat in one recently. I'm not huge...6' and 180lbs, but my knees were...
  5. Adam Weiss

    Looking to Buy (Again)...Recommendations?

    All, new to the forum, and happy to be here! Brief introduction: I'm a 300hr PP-SEL pilot. Previously, I owned a Beech Super Musketeer (A23-24 200HP) for about 5 years. Nice plane, but quickly had the itch for more speed. Now I'm in a club with a few 172s and a 182 now. Both good planes. I...