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    For Sale SkyBeacon ADS-B Out Transmitter by uAvionix

    Selling my ADS-B out Transmitter. It was never used. I had a prop strike on the plane and didnt get to use it. UNIQUE WINGTIP-MOUNTED DESIGN The skyBeacon replaces your wingtip navigation light with a simple, compact solution to become ADS-B out compliant. Remove your old light and install...
  2. Alex G.

    For Sale Garrecht VT-2000 Transponder ADS-B OUT

    $1600, used, no scratches or other issues. Installation without adapter and modification of existing wiring harness. Just slide in into existing mounting frame of your KT-76 or KT-76A / KT-76C. ADS-B OUT extended Squitter. Certification base: ETSO-2C112a, ED-73B Output power: min. 220 Watt...