tailwheel endorsement

  1. bjde1011

    Tailwheel Training in CT

    I was looking into some options for Tailwheel Training in Connecticut. I am an instrument rated private pilot and am interested in getting into some classic flying to improve my stick and rudder skills. I have contacted a couple flight schools but their planes are down, so I was hoping to find...
  2. FuzyTech

    Tailwheel instruction recommendations

    Looking for recommendations on tailwheel instruction/endorsement. I've never flown a tailwheel before and I'm only about a 140hr PPL. Looking locally in either the SoCal or Phoenix area. I've been looking around and see that some provide the training in C170 and others in Cubs or Supercubs. Any...
  3. P

    Piper J3 Training

    Does anyone know where one could get their tailwheel endorsement in a Piper J3? Ideally a warm location that can be done in fall/winter/spring