seneca iii

  1. Travis Schaefer

    ISO A&P for partial prebuy inspection Piper Seneca iii Oakland/Hayward, CA wanted

    Greetings, I am in search of an A&P in the Oakland/ Hayward, CA area for a partial pre-buy inspection of a Piper Seneca iii. Wednesday, June 24th at the Hayward Airport. I am mostly needing the motors bore scoped and general engine/propeller conditional inspection. Continental TSIO-360-kb's...
  2. Travis Schaefer

    Buying Seneca iii, lower time pilot. Insurance cost?

    Hello everyone, I have a little over 230 hours(over 160 complex) with HP time and I own a Beech Sierra c24r that I'm selling at the moment) 0 multi logged and non-IFR but plan on finishing that in the next few months. I have been looking into a twin and have narrowed it down to a specific...