1. Bilal

    Vans RV6A purchase question

    Hey All, First of all, I apologize in advance if this post does not belong here. Please point me in the correct section and I'll gladly repost there. Thinking about purchasing an RV6A and would like to hear why OR why not it's a good platform for a low-time pilot? Little background on my...
  2. S

    Van's RV Kit

    Hey guys. I want to buy an RV Kit. The lead times for these kits are getting ridiculous to purchase from Van's site. I would prefer an aerobatic, side by side seating, nosewheel kit like a 6a or 7a or 14a. Please, if you know anyone trying to get rid of their kits please bring them to me.
  3. LGF

    Want To Buy IFR RV6/6A

    Seeking an RV6 or 6A with the following: Must have: - IFR equipped, including IFR navigator (GNS series or newer). - AP equipped - Mid-time engine (approx). - All logs, including build logs Prefer: - CS Prop - Finished interior - ADS-B Compliant - Inverted fuel/oil If you've got something...