1. S

    GA trends in the Caribbean Survey - help appreciated!

    GA trends in the Caribbean Survey - help appreciated! Hello Pilots of America. I'm an MBA student from the Caribbean (not a pilot unfortunately!) and I'm doing a research project on General Aviation trends. The project is focused mostly on the motivations for North American GA Pilots to fly to...
  2. L

    Breathalysing pilots

    I'm a university student conducting research on alcohol consumption and airline pilots (drunk flying) If you are an airline pilot, please take some time to answer these questions. these questions are for research purposes only. Any response will be useful. Thank you. Do pilots still attempt to...
  3. T

    Research Subjects Needed

    Hello fellow pilots, I am Tyler Arnold, a high school junior and flight student in North Carolina. For my AP Capstone Research course, I am looking into the relationship between flight training and the airline pilot shortage. For my research, I will need subjects to take a short survey that goes...
  4. J

    Author doing research in need of pro advice

    I am currently writing a fiction novel and doing some research. One of my characters is a commercial pilot based on the west coast. When he's not working, he is flying his small aircraft and often flies up to 300-400 miles. I was hoping to get some advice from professional pilots, specifically...
  5. calberto

    Type-One Diabetes.

    I'm in a fraternity at school (Delta Tau Delta). We help raise money and awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Basically, JDRF's mission is to find treatments and a cure for type-one diabetes. Our chapter started a blog to help raise awareness for this disease, and to show...