1. The rogue

    For Sale Partnership PA32

    I'm looking for folks in west Michigan to partner in on a Cherokee Six, Lance, or Saratoga. Ive got a big family, but we won't be flying a ton. The preferred base would be KGRR or KAZO area, including 35D, KBTL, or 61D. I'm a COM ASEL Instrument pilot with a lapsed CFI. Thanks for looking...
  2. R

    PA32-301R Air conditioner "guard"

    Hi all - Have a PA32-301R Saratoga with factory a/c. The factory setup has a plastic guard that sticks out about 4-5" from the evaporator into the baggage area. Given we use the plan for travel with 2 small kids, that intrusion into the baggage area makes packing difficult. Was wondering...
  3. R

    PA32 Autopilot Replacement

    Hi All, First time poster here. Am in a partnership with a 1998 PA32-301R Saratoga. Has some avionics upgrades, most notably with an Aspen Evolution 1000 from a prior owner. Had the KFC-150 autopilot box go out the outbound leg of a recent trip (really went out - smoke and all, tripped...
  4. jssmith.lh

    Cherokee 6 fuel

    Well, the Grumman has gone east (literally) and I'm renting until I can figure out my next step. I've found a 1969 Cherokee 6 300 to rent and can't find the answer to a fuel question. I've looked in the airplane manual and the archives and no joy. The inboard fuel tanks have tabs. How much fuel...
  5. Jayson

    For Sale: Aircraft 1980 Piper Saratoga PA-32-301T (6 seats)

    1/6 Share For Sale! 1980 Piper Saratoga PA-32-301T (6 seats, 300hp) Asking $35,000 for a full share (6 members total) $197/month fixed quarterly rate and $180/hour wet (hangered at LOM). (Sale price includes 1/6 of current engine and maintenance reserves) Equipment: · ADS-B in/out ·...