1. S

    Bought my first airplane. Evektor Sportstar

    Spent 3 nights at the sellers house, great guy. Insurance wanted 5 hours, weather was pretty sucky first couple of days, was able to get 1.5 hours in on the 2nd day, weather eventually cleared up on the 3rd day and was able to do a 3.5 hour cross country to knock at all of the hours. I flew it...
  2. easik

    Pilot/Owners In the Atlanta Area

    I run an aviation YouTube channel Mojogrip and I'm looking for pilot/aircraft owners local to Atlanta to feature on the channel. Big plus if you are in a partnership with your aircraft. This is a side of ownership that I've always wanted to discuss on the channel. If you're interested, respond...
  3. MuseChaser

    Piper Owner's Groups?

    Any thoughts and/or experiences about the benefits of joining any of the Piper owner's groups for a very budget-conscious PA28-140 owner? Piper Owner Society (although I confess their acronym gives me even less confidence than this forum's acronym) vs. Piper Flyer vs. ...? I'm an AOPA member...