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    Oil Analysis- C150M - O-200

    Total time SMOH 970 (15 years ago) Total on 4 cylinders 360 (8 years ago). Good afternoon all, Recently bought a C150 to fly around for fun. I love it but since it was only flying 20 to 40 hours a year for the last 10 years I decided to do an early oil change (11.5 hours). I logged these in...
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    1961 CESSNA 150A O-200 Oil Leaking out of carburetor

    Hello all!! I have been trying to find the source of a pretty good Oil “Leak” and have found oil dripping from the carburetor box and confirmed from the carburetor. Yes, I’ve checked the wet vacuum pump, push rod tubes, valve cover gaskets, oil sump gasket, case halfs and cannot find any other...