maintenance cost

  1. ArrowFlyer86

    Turn coordinator replacement - time required

    How long should removing a turn coordinator then reinstalling it once it is repaired take? I had mine pulled, repaired by AQI, then reinstalled. The shop is billing me for 3.5 hours of labor hours to do that (totally separate from the actual repair work done by AQI). I've never removed any...
  2. A

    Oil Analysis- C150M - O-200

    Total time SMOH 970 (15 years ago) Total on 4 cylinders 360 (8 years ago). Good afternoon all, Recently bought a C150 to fly around for fun. I love it but since it was only flying 20 to 40 hours a year for the last 10 years I decided to do an early oil change (11.5 hours). I logged these in...
  3. H

    Question: Pilots who are also A&Ps

    Hi, I'm brand new to the forums. Also, while I've been obsessed with aviation since I was a kid, I'm only just now starting my way towards a PPL. My question has to do with having both a PPL and an A&P. A little bit of background. I am a jet engine mechanic for the United States Air Force...
  4. P

    First Airplane Purchase: Piper Arrow

    Hello! I am currently a student pilot with my solo endorsement and am having trouble completing my private pilot training due to the fact that my schools airplanes are booked up 4-5 weeks in advance. I need to buy an airplane. I will try to keep this as short as possible, but I appreciate all...
  5. Vince R

    Understanding maintenance cost?

    First, I'm new here...nice to meet all of you! My flying career has been about begging, borrowing and renting aircraft for the last 25 years, but now I'm finally taking the plunge and shopping for my own. At my age (mid-50's), I want to buy my "forever airplane", get as proficient as I can in...