low time

  1. Briar Rabbit

    For Sale: Aircraft Cessna 210K

    Hi Guys, We had three brokers give me quotes on our 210. I am going to average our quotes and give you a number of $214,500. We are still waiting for two other brokers and will see additional quotes but expect the conversation to be in the same neighborhood. Please give me a PM if you want...
  2. MulePilot

    Low Time Alaska Flying Opportunites?

    Hi all. I've been researching potential employers for once I've finished my Com. single and multi, and have fallen in love with Alaska. I learned of an opportunity flying Aztecs and 172s for a survey outfit based in Anchorage, called JAV Imagery, and I am intrigued as to what else is out there...
  3. Z

    CFI vs other flying jobs

    So im new to this whole thing here, my name is Zak and im 29 years old with 350tt trying to find a flying job for the last year or so. I started CFI training in March and took my CFI initial exam in August and bombed the oral (1st NOD) took it again on September 23rd and no joy (2nd NOD). Heres...