1. O

    What’s the Status of Training in Special Classes?

    I’ll get the details wrong, but there was recently an FAA legal case that resulted in an opinion that no flight training could take place in Experimentals, LSAs, or any other Special category without a LODA. Oshkosh happened, and there was a flurry of discussion. Mount Vernon happened and there...
  2. Arnold

    LODA - Could not be simpler - nor quicker.

    1) Sent email to FAA at address shown on EAA website. 9-AVS-AFG-LODA@faa.gov Last night 2309 UTC 2) Received email acknowledging receipt of my email at 2317. 3) Received email with ,pdf form to complete. Form included clear instructions. This AM. 4) Completed form and sent via email to...