kit build

  1. H

    Kit storage time

    Hi folks. I want to build a plane someday (not decided on the brand yet) but was wondering for how long can the crates be stored?. Since kit prices are always coming up, I'm considering to order now and store it for a 3-5 year period. Is that too much? What could be the risk of storing for that...
  2. S

    Van's RV Kit

    Hey guys. I want to buy an RV Kit. The lead times for these kits are getting ridiculous to purchase from Van's site. I would prefer an aerobatic, side by side seating, nosewheel kit like a 6a or 7a or 14a. Please, if you know anyone trying to get rid of their kits please bring them to me.
  3. A

    Lycoming O290D2if

    I’m looking into building my first kit plane. I have a Lycoming O290D2 and was wondering if anyone knows of a kit plane that can take a O290D2 and is relatively simple.
  4. easik

    I checked Out The $40,000 Saberwing Airplane

    This past week I had a great time talking to Bill at Azalea Aviation about The Saberwing aircraft. For those who are not familiar with this airplane, it's a 2 place experimental that uses a Corvair engine. Climbs at 500 ft - 750 ft per minute and cruises @ 150 mph, burning 5-6 gallons of fuel...