1. B

    Setting Hobbs after it went down

    What happens when a hobbs meter goes down and thus stops recording. When you fix it, how do you know what to set it to? Would you do the same for calculating PIC time accumulated while hobbs was down?
  2. flyerfocus

    What’s Your Time Source for Logging Flights?

    I’ve been logging my time based on Hobbs since I started flying decades ago. Now that I’m using ForeFlight, ForeFlight’s Track Logs don’t always agree with Hobbs. For example, last weekend I got my daughter nauseous doing touch & goes for 1.3 hours Hobbs time and 1.5 hours based on ForeFlight...
  3. T

    Cessna 172L Electrical problems

    Hey guys, I recently went on a long cross country flight and when I landed I noticed my hour meter (Hobbs) had only rolled over 1.1 hours on about a 3 hour flight. After returning home I assumed the hour meter was bad and pulled it out. Yes I know I can’t install as new one since I’m not a...