flight simulator

  1. F

    Looking for Tecnam P2010 pilots

    Hi there, I'm a 3rd party developer for Microsoft Flight Simulator and I'm looking for Tecnam P2010 pilots who are willing to help me with images and video-clips of their aircrafts. Also, those who have the access to the simulator can test fly the product before it's release. We are mainly in...
  2. Greg Weber

    Home Flight Sim Recs

    I’m thinking about purchasing or building a home flight simulator. I’m not a very computer savvy guy and thought I’d ask if anyone has recommendations or experience. It’d be great to get a BATD to stay current with 66hits but mainly looking for something realistic for general proficiency. I see...
  3. Leigh@loosecannon.com.au

    'Well known' Extra 300 back to life!

    Hi there, Thought I'd share a little project I've been working on for the last year. I was a flightsim kid in the 90's and loved flying Patty Wagstaff's Extra 300 in the Microsoft Flight Sims. Well when this nerdy aerobatic fanatic happened to stumble across a particular Extra sitting in a...
  4. H

    For Sale High-end computer flight simulator rudder pedals for sale - totally new & box never opened...

    Hi guys. I am new here. I am a computer simulation fan, not the real stuff like a lot of you. But I suspect some of you have simulators at home that you play. I am selling a brand new set of beautiful high end custom rudder pedals that I never even opened. I bought them for the video game Star...
  5. E

    For Sale Redbird TD2 for sale!

    SOLD! Hey folks! I'm selling my Redbird TD2, g1000, with 145 hours on it. Everything works as it should, great IFR trainer or investment to put in a flight school. Cygnus to connect foreflight and similar iPad apps You can log flight hours and approaches in it From a good home Located at KRHV...
  6. Reediculous

    For Sale RedBird TD2 Fight Simulator for Sale

    I’m selling a RedBird TD2 flight simulator (6 pack steam gauge version). The simulator includes a table, Saitek rudder pedals, a keyboard and manuals. It has been excellent for practicing procedures (in VFR and IFR conditions) and has greatly improved my confidence when I’m flying a real...
  7. P

    Want To Buy Flight Simulator - Full Setup (Cessna)

    I'm looking to buy a full setup (Yoke, Pedals, Throttle) to do home flight simulation. Does anyone have any for sale or know anyone that does? Thanks!