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  1. P

    Practice ILS - need advice G430W

    On the ground I entered into Flight Plan two airports. The first one I activated ILS approach abd flew it, then continued to the second airport. With approval of ATC got to do ILS, when I tried to activate it by going to procedure it did not offer the second airport. Why is that? Then I tried...
  2. S

    Prior Permission Required - Can I still use a VFR flight plan?

    I am flying into Henderson Executive this weekend (KHND). There's a NOTAM stating Prior Permission is Required. Presumably they are anticipating extra traffic due to the Superbowl. I spoke to the FBO and received a PPR number as well as a "time slot" for when I am authorized to arrive. The FBO...
  3. D

    Flight plan loading into GTN750

    Is there any newer documentation or tools for importing a flight plan into my GTN750 from the SD card? I have a copy of the Guideline for GTN Flight Plan and User Waypoint Files, rev 1, Dec. 2014. Is there newer documentation or perhaps a tool to convert a Foreflight flight plan into the format...
  4. Justin M

    Why Different Heading Different EFB

    When I plan on skyvector this sample New Jersey flight { KMMU (Morristown) 12N (Aeroflex-Andover) 1N7 (Blairstown) N05 (Hackettstown) N51 (Solberg) KMMU }, I get different headings than when I make the same plan in Foreflight. Skyvector: KMMU (324) 12N (272) 1N7 (157) N05 (171) N51 (058) KMMU...
  5. R

    VFR Flight Plan or Flight Following?

    Sorry in advance for how long this post is but.... this post is spurred by two events that happened to two separate friends within the last few weeks--both of which are student pilots. One event the pilot had flight following and the next event they had a flight plan open. I think these two...
  6. G


    Hello everyone! This is my first post on Pilots of America. I have a question that I always have had stuck in my head for a while and hopefully someone here can give me a detailed explanation. I would really appreciate it. Suppose that you are departing from P03. P03 sits at an elevation of...
  7. forseth11

    WingXPro and Duats Flight Plans

    I currently use WingXPro on my iPad for charts and flight planning. WingXPro uses Duats to file flight plans, but sometimes it says a flight plan was filed, but fss sometimes says no flight plan was filed. Does anyone else have this problem, and how can I work around this? Is there another...