1. P

    Commercial Long Cross-Country C150

    Help.. Help.. Help..! FAR 61.129 Cessna 150/ 18G on Fuel Tank, endurance approx 3-4 hrs. cutting corner "How can I do a Commercial Long CX-Country total distance of 300NM with 250NM straight? There is no way possible. CAN I DO FUEL STOP in the middle, is it LEGAL or VALID? Departing from KHWO.
  2. J

    DPEs: how firm is the >50NM rule? Would distances of 49.5NM be rounded up?

    Hi everyone! I am planning my first solo cross country, and there is one airfield that is 49.5 miles away from my home airport as measured from the geographic centers of both airports. Would KLZU → KTOC be accepted by a DPE as a cross-country? I figure KAHN → KPDK at 48.9 NM is not acceptable...
  3. Jeff Messick

    Student Pilot Solo Cross Country Overnight?

    Hi, student pilot here. I recently bought a Cherokee 6/260 and flew it from South Carolina back to Southern California with my CFI. I am hoping to do my check ride by the end of the month but scheduling may not allow it. I am doing my training in the Bakersfield area (up there during the week...
  4. Ralph Aviles

    Does this flight count for the Comm 300/250NM long XC?

    Does this flight count for the Commercial 300NM/250NM leg long XC day long XC? Flight: KDYB->KFLO->KVQQ->KSGJ - Conditions: IFR, VMC, same day, no overnight, 4.7 hrs total - Leg #1: 73 NM: KDYB->KFLO (Full stop, re-fuel) - Leg #2: 261 NM: KFLO->KVQQ (Touch and Go) - Leg #3: 32 NM...
  5. Chicago Bearhawk

    Airplane Options That meet my mission

    Opening up a new thread to get ideas on answering this question: (I did search for other discussions and could not find what I wanted...) I am looking for an airplane that will meet this mission: 1. Fly at close to 300 MPH (or kts...) 2. Lift about 1500 Useful load (fuel and people) 3. At...
  6. A

    X-C Plane Selection Advice

    I am moving to the DC area and I am in the market for my first plane so that I can visit family in the midwest more easily, and I am looking for some advice on plane selection based on cost of ownership and performance. Mission My typical mission will be from the DC area (KVKX) to SE Iowa...
  7. Amsirahc

    Real IFR Experience

    I'm working towards my instrument rating now and finally got some real-world IFR experience! Up until this past weekend, all of my instrument time was simulated with foggles. My instructor was making a 500nm+ trip to Florida on Sunday afternoon and asked if I wanted to join, spend the night at...
  8. Greg Weber

    Pressure Altitude and performance calculations

    Im confusing myself with my flight planning calculations around pressure altitude. I think it’s way simpler then I’m making it and hoping someone could help explain. If I’m planning a trip at a cruising level of 5500, do I calculate pressure altitude for that by adding or subtracting the...
  9. B

    Video-I Bought a Pitts S1S and Flew it Across the Country!

    Hi Guys, I've already posted this on several other forums, but I just wanted to share it with anyone who hasn't seen it and might be interested. This is a 'coast to coast' flight I completed over the summer in my Pitts S1S. Apart from comfort, autopilot, and a transponder, this airplane also...
  10. G


    hey pilots , im training and building time trough my CPL and while holding a 2nd job its still not easy paying for our expensive hobby .. so my question to you is , how did you managed to go trough this stage of trainings and what are you ides to lower the expenses ? do you know any flight...
  11. A

    Any advice on Charlotte area GA?

    I finally got my wife to let me fly us to Charlotte from Miami. Now that she has agreed, I have to make sure I make this a good experience, so I am seeking out options from anyone that’s flown into the area recently to help me figure out where to land and park for a couple of nights. The...