1. CabanaBoy

    CDI Key on GTN -> GI-275, GTN750,

    Is there any reason for the CDI Key NOT to be enabled on the GTN? I am talking about only using the GI-275 HSI and not an older NAV2 CDI. Question for any GI-275 drivers with a GTN 750, I am trying to figure out why My GTN 750xi does not have a CDI Key. (Oversight?) I can select the CDI on the...
  2. Parker Cantrell

    Garmin 175/GI 106B CDI Install

    Hello All, Looking to update the panel in my '68 Cardinal to pursue my IR and beyond. Aircraft Spruce has a sale on the Garmin 175 (waas) /GI 106B CDI (vor, loc, GPS, glideslope). From my research, this is the most affordable/practical package for my mission. Have a KX-155 installed already...
  3. M

    What external CDI for kx-125?

    I have a king kx-125 with the built in CDI feature, but I would like to ad an external CDI to facilitate my scan - and to add glide slope. Was/is there a CDI that can take a signal and produce deviation and glide slope without the remote -75 box? Thanks!
  4. M

    For Sale KI-209A for sale

    Removed for avionics upgrade from a 182. Unit is yellow tagged and ready for install. Will ship well protected. Comes with connector plug as well. Email for pictures. Make offer! listed elsewhere for $999.