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  1. Aloha

    Resume Building Jobs

    I'm a PPL currently wrapping up my IR with the end goal of flying professionally. (Don't worry, this isn't an "are the airlines going to be hiring X years from now?!" post.) I'm hoping somebody will be able to give me some insight into a couple opportunities that I have. Both of these jobs are...
  2. N

    How can I help my korean BF to find job? He is a pilot.

    Hello everyone, I hope you are fine. I'm 28 and my boyfriend is 38. He used to work in the Korean navy for 10 years as a pilot. He moved to the USA, Texas in 2018 for more training to change his certification as a commercial pilot. It was a little difficult to find a job because of the Covid. He...
  3. A

    Useful Flight Training and Career Advice Resource

    I am a laid off airline pilot based in Canada and ex flight instructor and have decided to put my free time to a good use. I have put together a website to provide aviation career advice and flight training articles for aviation students and enthusiasts. To check it out please visit...