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    Misdiagnosis — I Need Advice

    About two years ago, I went to a psychiatrist or psychologist (I can’t remember which, and he diagnosed me with Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, and hinted at Bipolar. I’ve since started my aviation journey, thinking nothing of it, and need to get my medical clearance. I know I won’t pass...
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    Success for 10 Year Consideration

    Good Evening, Without getting into a whole spiel, essentially I’m at a halt in obtaining a medical for at least 10 years due to suicidal ideation and a misdiagnosis of BP which was confirmed by a doctor. Essentially at this point I’ve just been doing my thing, currently working as an A&P and son...
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    after reading a substantial amount of articles is it my understating that if your doctor says you are in good health and your chronic medical condition is controlled you can use a drivers license as a medical for a light sport aircraft. am i correct? if so can you take medication if your doctor...