1. L

    Flying to the Bahamas in an Experimental-Amateur Built?

    I currently own a certified aircraft but I'm interested in owning an E-AB later (something like a Sonex, Zenith, etc.). It looks like E-AB aircrafts require an additional paperwork to fly to the Bahamas, as suggested from this link...
  2. M

    Unnecessarily Long Bahamas Trip Write-Up

    This got even longer than I thought it would, so TL/DR: Flew from Raleigh-Durham to the Bahamas via Fort Lauderdale Executive. Bought the AOPA Bahamas guide book thing and it explained requirements pretty well, but there were still some surprises along the way. Just like everything I've...
  3. F

    Safety in Bahamian Family Islands (Covid)

    Hello, I postponed a trip to Cat Island that was planned in May. Now that the Bahamas are opening again, I am looking to go for a long weekend in early September. Has anyone been to the out islands recently? Specificaly Cat Island? Wondering about safety on the islands and safety at the airport...
  4. Blue172

    Airplane camping on the Bahamas Out Islands?

    So I am starting to plan my annual once month "airplane road trip" and this year we plan on heading from Wyoming to the Bahamas in late April and heading out as far as we can get; with the goal of reaching Mayaguana, the most easterly island in the Bahamas. We are already aware of the $300...