aspen e5

  1. B

    AP and Panel Options

    I recently had my 200A autopilot fail on me in IMC and after asking the shop to take a look at it, it's clear everyone wants to just replace the sucker (ah hey me too, I guess). Received a very nice quote for Garmin Gear, the new 500 AP, and 2 X G5's well nice BIG price tag with it too. A...
  2. Lynn Dixon

    Aspen E5 arrived! Unboxing photos and info

    My Aspen E5 has FINALLY arrived! I spoke to my shop, and hopefully we'll get in the shop by the end of February to do the install. I am REALLY looking forward to the TruTrak integration as soon as TruTrak gets their firmware released. Here's some photos I snapped of the unit...