1. Andrew

    Directed variances from published altitudes?

    Where can we find information regarding the altitude variance allowances for ATC? thanks
  2. Daleandee

    How High Do You Get?

    As a Light Sport Certificate holder I'm limited to how high I can fly. I know pilots that are actually a bit uncomfortable at higher altitudes. There are a few pilots on the board that fly planes that cruise pretty high. Just curious as to how high most pilots fly. For me a local area flight...
  3. W

    Trouble maintaining level flight

    New pilot here, any tips of maintain level flight during cruise? I'm confused because I have had multiple instructors tell me different techniques . One instructor told me to level at desired altitude reduce power and THEN trim until I no longer feel any pressure on the yoke. But another...
  4. D

    KLIC to KTEX in Beechcraft Musketeer

    I am considering doing KLIC (Limon Municipal 5374 ft) to KTEX (Telluride, CO 9070 ft) in Beechcraft Musketeer and am concerned about the altitude and surrounding peaks. Is it normal for a low power single prop to make such a trip? Throwing this into foreflight does not give any altitude...
  5. Archimago

    ICAO cold temp error table

    i am a little confused about ATC and cold weather adjustments. I understand the concept of how your altitude is lower than indicated when in colder than ISA but... in the Instrument Flying Handbook they explain that if you apply adjustments for cold weather you should let ATC know you are doing...