3rd class medical

  1. T

    Ever received a medical after past history of Abilify?

    Long story short I had an extended moment of anxiety/OCd in my life and went to my doctor regarding it. I went through a few medications such as Xanax, Klonopin and eventually Abilify before I went to a psychiatrist and was prescribed Lexapro and Buspirone (to reduce side effects from Lexapro)...
  2. J

    Board certified psychiatrist familiar with FAA process - in PA area

    Hello everyone, I am new here. I was on Zoloft (prescribed by physician for anxiety) for more than 5 years. Got off medication 6 months ago under physicians guidance. Never seen a psychiatrist. Would like to consult a board certified psychiatrist for evaluation, before starting the...
  3. Max P

    Approved for special issuance but lifetime monitoring... feeling really bummed out

    Hi all, I am hoping for any advice or input from you all on this... TLDR: Haven't been seen for 15 years for a diagnosis I had as a young child, now (seemingly) have to be seen for the rest of my life every six months if I want to maintain my medical certificate. When I was around 7 or 8 I...
  4. Becca Steele

    Issues with Medical

    Hoping to get some advice from someone who knows or someone has been through this process in the past. I recently put getting my pilots license on the back burner, after finding out I’m most likely going to have some serious hold ups with getting my 3rd class medical. Long story short, my...
  5. L

    3rd Class Medical with DUI

    Yes, yet another topic on this matter... 3 years ago, I was arrested for DUI at age 22, blew a .22 at the station, but due to evidence of faulty procedural technique, I was charged with DUAC at .08 and I plead guilty. I told my attorney I didn't want to go through with trying to fight it, I was...
  6. R

    Special Issuance problemo...need advice

    Hey all, I have nowhere else to turn, and you all have proven to be a great source of information and advice. I am a private pilot w/instrument rating who has been flying since Summer 2016. I absolutely love it. I had to fight through red tape and nonsense to get my 3rd class medical. It took me...
  7. Ronald Monsen

    3rd Class medical expiring, can I wait 2 more years for doctor?

    I am not clear on this BasicMed requirements just after a 3rd class expires. So my 3rd class expires this summer. If I switch to BasicMed I have to take the online course. The question is whether I need to see a doctor. Did the 48 month interval start at the date of my 3rd class medical or...
  8. P

    First time 3rd Class Medical deferred to OKC

    I started the private pilot license program with enthusiasm. Ground school was a chore but completed it. Looking back, it would have been better if I took this online because my teacher sucked and wouldn't provide us powerpoint copies and told us nothing about what to do after we completed the...