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    O-300s - Love em? Hate em? Typical maintenance costs and overhaul cost

    Howdy Folks! I have found several threads on here throughout the years about the O-300, but not where all these answers are lumped together. I know very little about them having little experience running or working on them. So tell me what you know! Do you love it or hate it? What are the common...
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    Cessna 170B For Sale $39K

    1953 Cessna 170B CONTACT: Tom Miller (TMiller150@gmail.com) 360-631-8198 Hangared at KAWO (Arlington, WA) Google photos link: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNQmguooUYJLa5mbH6gCaQxKks--imhv03NLflwlSGFnU015ydEph5wKl_Bd75Txw?key=Um5nSHIyYUdnSUYxMDRaRm41X0JKZnBTa2tfQ1dB Serial #25957 3930...