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    Flying Job for Retired Dude who doesn't want to constantly be gone

    Where are you located? Looking for a mentor pilot for a king air C90 in the Atlanta area. You can get some solid time on my dime depending on availability and hour requirements.
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    For Sale: Aircraft Looking For Partners In North East Georgia

    Just trying to revive this thread. Still looking for a partnership at KCNI or KRYY. Would still prefer a twin to increase time spent in multi engine aircraft, but would be open to something low and slow also.
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    For Sale: Aircraft Looking For Partners In North East Georgia

    I’m looking for another 1-2 for a partnership in a twin at KRYY, KCNI, or KPUJ?
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    For Sale Sentry ADS-B

    Did you ever get this worked out? Did you ever receive the device after paying?
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    For Sale Free Bruce’s cover for a PA32 RT – 300

    Free to a new home, a Bruce’s cover for a PA32RT 300. Worn, but still useful. Aircraft was lost in an accident, but still have the cover. Not going to ship it. You can pick it up around Marietta Georgia, KRYY or KCNI.
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    For Sale: Partnership Atlanta Georgia partnership forming KFTY

    Any twin interest at KFTY, KRYY, or KPUJ? I have a family of five so a 4 place Mooney won’t work. I’m looking for 2 other equal equity partners in a multi. I’m MEI with limited ME time and most of my time in a PA-32 complex retract.
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    For Sale: Aircraft Forming SR22 partnership Atlanta - PDK / FTY

    Are you interested in a twin? I’m based out of KRYY, but would be willing to drive to KFTY to keep a twin in a hangar. I have a family of five and need more than an sr22.