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  1. J

    Want To Buy Turn Coordinator

    Yup, assuming it works- what do you want for it ?
  2. J

    Want To Buy Turn Coordinator

    My Wultrad Turn Coordinator has a failed Rate Indicator (the skid ball still works). I think getting this repaired is hard to do, so best just to replace it. So if anyone out there has an electronic 3 1/8" Turn Coordinator laying on your workbench after a panel upgrade, I'd sure like to buy it...
  3. J

    For Sale 1970 Skyhawk! Wings of Hope's Fall Raffle

    Has WOH been cleared of all the prior investigations ? I know that they were looking into some of the Exec perks.
  4. J

    Want To Buy AT-165 Transponder

    My Narco AT-150 went poop. Bench test says that it isn't repairable. I'm not quite ready to do a complete upgrade (already have ADSB out) on the transponder but think that a AT-165 side-n-replacement is a good option right now. So if anyone has done a panel upgrade and has an AT-165 lying...
  5. J

    Band-Aid for hangar rash

    I just figured it was one heck of a Texas sized hanger . . . .
  6. J

    Clearing fouled plugs

    True that prevention is best. But OP might be a student. Might be a renter. You can't control the engine use when you're not the sole user. So throttle up to 1700 rpms, lean until stumbles then add back 1/2 turn. Let it run for 20 sec. Should be good to go - but of course re-do a normal...
  7. J

    Castle nut and pin vs nylon locknuts?

    I agree with this assessment. Thou shalt add but don't take away . . . .
  8. J

    Yous pays your money, yous takes your chances

    I bet there are thousands of Experimental out there flying with automobile Delcos. I haven't read a signal accident report on one.
  9. J

    V is for VOR

    Don't know why original installers don't add a little loop for slack and future repairs. $0.50 of wire makes someones future life much easier.
  10. J

    Source of static on comms

    Glad you figured it our. Electrical gremlins are the worst. Very hard to trouble shoot.
  11. J

    Replacement oil dipstick for C182 with O-470R?

    Lots of salvage yards will sell you a used one much cheaper. Try Air Salvage.
  12. J

    Looking at a C150

  13. J

    Shameless plug for Arizona ice Tea

    Cool, wish I could get a quart Ice Tea container around my filter in my RV6 but . . . nope. So I use 1 gallon Ziplock bags. And to "save the environment, I don't use a new one, I tell the wife to save me one before she throws it out.
  14. J

    Band-Aid for hangar rash

    I'd put the protection on the doors of the hanger, not on my wing tips . . . . Hangers don't fly
  15. J

    Ever seen this?

    Yup, clearance issue.
  16. J

    Degreaser for bottom of airplane?

    Diluted Simply Green is my choice
  17. J

    Shimmy Shimmy Shake

    Could be out of balance wheel
  18. J

    Air Wagner..... He’s baaaaackk.

    Some scud running for that one to go over his head . . . .
  19. J

    My Cessna 170 rebuild thread. XPMODS

    Excellent set of photos. Just be sure to label and file in some order so they'll be use to you later.