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  1. Ryan Kuse

    Airports Near Osh To Camp the Night BEFORE heading in?

    Both of these look like a ton of fun! Even if we don't stop here this time around, we'll have to swing by for some of their fly-ins!!!
  2. Ryan Kuse

    #OSH23 Jambalaya/Chili Party Tuesday

    We'd like to come (4) it's our first time to Osh and we don't know ANYONE! We'll swing by a store when we get there and grab some veggies or fruit to bring!
  3. Ryan Kuse

    Airports Near Osh To Camp the Night BEFORE heading in?

    Never really thought of it that way, lol. That's several votes for LNR & MRJ, too! Thank you all - this has given me plenty of options - and thank goodness the wife & kids like camping! Can't wait to see everyone up there! Now to go review options tonight with them all and we'll figure out...
  4. Ryan Kuse

    Airports Near Osh To Camp the Night BEFORE heading in?

    First time going up, we've got lots of 'in case' plans, but I'm drawing a blank on this one. I checked the RAF site - and everything I'm seeing there is pretty far West or North. We are heading up from KPLK in Missouri Friday the 21st, but we'll go see family in the Minneapolis area first. So...
  5. Ryan Kuse


    All of the cattle, equines, and wildlife larger than rodentia must've had a massive extinction event here in the Ozarks when all those F-15 tests were going on. I'm not saying that we have as many MOA's as the desert areas, but I've had no problems getting around, through, or under them here...
  6. Ryan Kuse

    Wing waggles from Missouri...

    Don't mind at all - I'm going through the OTC program at Premier Flight Center. Currently, instructor is Brock P. I've dealt some with the folks at Sky Adventures and they're all pretty amazing too :)
  7. Ryan Kuse

    VFR into IMC - nothing like training

    Glad you're safe! And thank you for sharing.
  8. Ryan Kuse

    First few hours: How do I know I'm doing okay?

    I'm a freshly minted Private Pilot. So I feel your pain :) Your first solo will do a lot for your confidence - as will any other solo's you do. Also - I know, for landings - what really helped me (your mileage may vary) was a lesson that involved 10 landings in a row. We did NOTHING but...
  9. Ryan Kuse

    Wing waggles from Missouri...

    Hello - Freshly minted private pilot from SGF/3DW - checking in. Starting my instrument training this semester - with the goal of completing commercial and CFI/II and moving to... something. I'm keeping options open right now because this is career 2.0 I'm a marketer for a group of locally...