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  1. cgrab

    How bad is storing your plane on tie downs and not in a hangar?

    I sold my plane instead of moving it from a hangar in AL to outside in WV. I could not abuse it that way.
  2. cgrab

    Starting a small cargo company

    Get in touch with the undertakers guild. They have to move bodies around the country and getting into small airports my be a selling point for your business.
  3. cgrab

    Famous pilots you have met.......I'll start out...

    Arnold Palmer. We were picking up my mother-in-law at Pensacola airport on a Friday evening and Palmer was waiting for his flight. Before I had a chance to say anything, M-I-L asked if he was there for the golf tournament. He rolled his eyes and said "yes I was." I smiled and shook his hand...
  4. cgrab

    Thinking about a Reliefband

    Also try MotionEase. A couple of drops behind the ears works for my passengers.
  5. cgrab

    Considering a different airplane

    Look at a 68 Cardinal with the 0-320. I put my bike in mine several times. My bike had a "BIkeMotor" which mad the trip downtown easy. I burned about 6.5 gph and had the mogas STC. And oh yeah the most shoulder room around
  6. cgrab

    Need some advice. What would I request from ATC in this case?

    I would definitively call approach. It's simple and easy. "Approach, N12345 off of Burke, 2500 heading southeast for site seeing will advise when circling" Then get a squawk and go.
  7. cgrab

    Mask affect on blood pressure

    I took my physical yesterday and had a slightly higher BP than normal. I had to wear a mask the whole time I was in the building. I asked the Doc if he knew if wearing a mask for the hour before we got to taking my BP might have an affect. He looked at his intern and said there's a study for...
  8. cgrab

    Paint my plane

    What color would SAR like you to paint it and what color would be easiest to see in the pattern? That's what I would choose.
  9. cgrab

    Which portable GPS do I need?

    I have a Software defined radio (SDR) with an antenna that connects directly to my tablet on-the-go (OTG) port. Then I installed the Avare ADSB interface and I get ADSB in to my Avare on my tablet. I also have a remote GPS receiver with bluetooth to my $79 Walmart tablet.
  10. cgrab

    How fast can I go for $50k

    Thanks to everyone for the advice and humor. I've been crammed into the back of a Mooney and think it is a two place plane. I'll start looking around the "neighborhood."
  11. cgrab

    How fast can I go for $50k

    I sold my 150hp Cardinal when I moved and now I have farther to go to the places I like. I would like something to carry two and our bags and do more than the 105 knots I saw in the Cardinal. Since it is not a necessity (debatable) I would like to keep it to the $50Kk I have on hand.
  12. cgrab

    Tailbeacon opinions

    Paul see my Skybeacon story
  13. cgrab

    Tailbeacon opinions

    I installed the Skybeacon. I needed to 3d print an adapter for my Cardinal and the A&PIA gave me some butt connectors and told me to take pictures when I was done. He did the paperwork and charged me $100. It works great. I never had an issue but had to add turn on Nav lights to checklist. I...
  14. cgrab

    Found what has to be the best BBQ in in the USA!

    As for chain operations, the brisket at Mission BBQ is outstanding
  15. cgrab

    Thank you PoA! I’m a pilot!

    Congrats and enjoy.
  16. cgrab

    DIY Tug

    Nice job, there is clearly a market for your design. You'll need to do research to make adapters to other airplanes. Remember to price it high enough to make a profit but not so high that others will undercut you. And then you'll get sued because someone will try to pull a 747 and get hurt.
  17. cgrab

    Disastrous First (and Last) Annual - Advice Needed

    Don't go the lawyer route. Unless your prebuy contract was explicitly violated you can't win. Cancel your insurance. Cancel the registration with the FAA. If you feel vindictive, contact the FAA about the failure of the previous mechanics. There is value still in the plane. Contact Texas...
  18. cgrab

    How to get a job in the aviation industry?

    Contact FEDEX and be prepared to move to Memphis.
  19. cgrab

    Ever have non-owned insurance pay out?

    The place I plan to rent from said I need to have insurance (I forget the limits) with them on the policy.
  20. cgrab

    Was Called a Gullible Moron Today

    There are two schools of thought out there 1) It's your money to use as you wish and 2) Charities arise because the Government isn't doing its job and donating to them just enables that behavior.