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  1. KeithASanford

    First ever Airventure. What's better, first two days or last two days.

    I'm finally making it to Airventure for the very first time(I'm not flying, just going) but my availability is limited so I can either do the first two days and the weekend before or the final two days(Saturday & Sunday). I'm gearing up to either build a Hummel H3, so I'm hoping to get in on a...
  2. KeithASanford

    BS in Aerospace Engineering - Now wants to be an A&P I know this thread is two years old, but I figured the POA faithful would appreciate the update. The young man interviewed is the kid you guys offered direction to way back when this thread was started and it's lead to a dream career. On behalf of his...
  3. KeithASanford

    Pack rat vs hoarder

    The main difference in my mind is that a Hoarder does not "collect" per se, but rather can't discard.
  4. KeithASanford

    Happy Robert E. Lee's birthday!

    Sure, just eliminate a certain "zone" and the problem will go away..... Keep up the good work, Moderators.
  5. KeithASanford

    Happy Robert E. Lee's birthday!

    I suppose it's good therapy to "celebrate" a good ass kicking.
  6. KeithASanford

    Happy Robert E. Lee's birthday!

    Wear it like a badge, boys, wear it like a badge. :rolleyes2: (30 minutes and counting...)
  7. KeithASanford

    Getting soaked on my 401k's this week.

    Pass performance...screw it, I'm in.
  8. KeithASanford

    Thoughts on videogames

    Defender was and is my only vice. I wrote an article about it. Maybe you can answer a question for me, Colojo. There was a rumor back then that the Air Force was secretly recruiting great players of Defender because the dexterity was favorable to fighters. Any truth to that?
  9. KeithASanford

    Not sure if true, but...

    Yeah, sure, like anybody dumb enough to drop a large amount of money on billion to one odds would even know what gofundme is. I don't buy it. It's entertaining, but it's truly too "Onion"esque.
  10. KeithASanford

    Getting soaked on my 401k's this week.

    It only hurts if you get out before the upswing. In the meantime, bargain shop til you drop.
  11. KeithASanford

    Other members MIA

    I'm starting to think a certain "zone" was keeping this place afloat. Now POA is missing some personality.
  12. KeithASanford

    Alan Rickman Dies

    My first Alan Rickman movie was "Robin Hood: Prince of thieves" where he stole every single scene from Kevin Costner as the Sheriff of Nottingham with his incredible rants, lol. He was also amazing in a tiny little film called "Close my eyes" where he played Sinclair, a gentlemen who's wife was...
  13. KeithASanford

    N/A Funny SNL skit

    They're rare these days, but this gave me a chuckle...
  14. KeithASanford

    NA Old TV shows

    Mission Impossible
  15. KeithASanford

    For those who haven't already...

    Thanks for the recipe, Rich! I'm going to tackle that tonight. I never even heard of eating beans for good luck until I moved to the Mid Atlantic area. I happen to LOVE the taste of black eyed peas, and northern beans and from what I've been reading, bean protein is good for you. I'll be glad...
  16. KeithASanford

    I didn't think they'd really do it

    That HAS to be the first registered artifact for the future "Pilots of America" museum and theme park.
  17. KeithASanford

    For those who haven't already...

    Yeah, I'm gonna need that recipe. :drool:
  18. KeithASanford

    n/a Commuter car ideas

    "Stole" a minty 1996 Lexus ES300. I'm not going to save any money, but I'm happy not to have to drive my truck 80 miles a day. That's the 2nd time I bought a used car within 24 hours of a holiday and saved 40% off the asking price. I might consider that a buying strategy from now on... :D
  19. KeithASanford

    How do YOU make money?

    Funny. I hated Anna Gunn, but lusted after Skyler. Go figure.
  20. KeithASanford

    Rules for 2016

    Rules for 2016 1. Choose happiness 2. Don't argue with fools 3. Don't undervalue yourself 4. Don't be afraid to be amazing 5. Choose your circle wisely 6. Don't compete! You are the competition. 7. Love yourself first 8. Don't hold on when you realize it's time to let go. 9...