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  1. LDJones

    IFR... it all adds up!

    I also teach my students to always keep the "Big Picture" and don't get balled up in the automation when something like this gets sprung on you at the last minute. If you're already navigating to the fix and you get a hold less than a minute from the fix, just continue to the fix, go to HDG...
  2. LDJones

    ADHD pickle, possible childhood diagnoses found after receiving first class medical.

    Forget about it and move on. You made it through your higher education years without the meds so you're obviously NOT ADHD. I've seen way too many horror stories with the OKC medical division to EVER consider giving them a loose thread to start tugging on. You answered truthfully "to the best...
  3. LDJones

    Before you buy a plane!!!

    The dollars are going WAY too slowly to be accurate!
  4. LDJones

    DC One-X vs A20

    $1,000 headset vs. $2,500-$4,500 hearing aids? A bargain by any measure. One of the missed benefits of ANR is how much lower you can have the radio volume, another source of long-term assault on our hearing. I've flown with ANRs for over 20 years now and wouldn't consider flying with out them.
  5. LDJones

    Death of the Corvette

    I hear what Ted's saying, but if someone wants to give me a Dead Corvette I'll be thrilled to accept it and give it a good "tomb" attached to my house. ;)
  6. LDJones

    Children of the Magenta Highlighter

    As a kid raised in North Dakota who learned to fly there, and still has most of my family there, I thoroughly enjoyed these posts! Back in college I flew a C150 up to Bowbells, ND to visit a couple of fraternity brothers. Their dad had a beautiful Cub-yellow J3 Cub that he took me up in which...
  7. LDJones

    250 Knots IAS below 10,000 feet - is it adhered to?

    I can tell you we pay attention to it and can bust our annual recurrent ride if we bust it in the sim. But I've been told by TRACON controllers that they couldn't care less.
  8. LDJones

    Why do CFIs discourage midfield crosswind?

    Not sure when this nonsense started but I continue to teach it’s a valid entry method and do so at pattern altitude to better see traffic and avoid descending onto someone. That said, I also teach if the pattern is exceptionally busy, there may be better alternatives. And straight-ins also have...
  9. LDJones

    Dangerously poor fuel planning

    The fuel gauges had to be bouncing just above empty over KRWL. Pure insanity to pass that airport up. "Hope" is not a fuel planning strategy.
  10. LDJones

    Midfield Takeoffs

    Hmmm....not sure I agree on that. We NEVER touch the brakes on a touch & go. The engine doesn't spend a lot of time at idle, either, fouling plugs, low airflow, etc. A smooth touchdown, followed by a smooth application of power (just like would happen on a taxi back takeoff) and you're gone...
  11. LDJones

    Midfield Takeoffs

    On our 5,500 runway, if landing east (our FBO is on the far east end of the airport), we'll routinely let the tower know we're landing long. Even landing half way down the runway we have 2,750', conservatively three times what's required to land it.
  12. LDJones

    There's cold, and then there's EFFING cold!

    Wind chills of -57 are expected. These are the coldest temps we've seen in Minnesota in twenty years. We're praying for Global Warming!! On the plus side, they're saying these temps should kill the majority of the larvae for the Emerald Ash Bore which has been a growing problem here. So...
  13. LDJones

    DPEs must fail 20% of students?

    We had a terrific DPE who'd been giving check rides for a half century. Then the local FSDO got on his case, the rumor being his pass rate was too high. They started riding herd on him, then started pulling various examining authorities, starting with his ME, and then one by one the others til...
  14. LDJones

    2019 PoA site operations fundraiser - help keep PoA running (and free!)

    Is there an "Old Fart" banner available?
  15. LDJones

    For Sale Large hangar and pilot's home at M94, on Columbia River

    I live in Minnesota, the "Land of 10,000 Taxes" so I can relate. I've just never looked into the on-going care and feeding of an airport property.
  16. LDJones

    For those who doubted, a Mini 5 is coming

    I just went to the 11” Pro. It’s almost identical to my previous 9.7” Pro but more screen, and not much larger than the paper maps I used to use when folded to save space. No desire for smaller.
  17. LDJones

    2019 PoA site operations fundraiser - help keep PoA running (and free!)

    I wasn’t sure how to contribute before. Thanks for the reminder.
  18. LDJones

    For Sale Large hangar and pilot's home at M94, on Columbia River

    Any idea what the taxes and association fees run? Or is that a “if you have to ask...” type question??