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    Done . . .

    Very sorry to hear of this diagnosis. As a 78 year old pilot myself, I am always waiting for the "shoe to drop". Not a frequent poster myself, I have always appreciated your insightful views and "Flying the Motorcycle to Alaska".
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    IFR time

    Insurance renewal asks for instrument time. I only log actual IMC + hood time. Never just because on an IFR flight plan. My logbooks have had columns for Actual Instrument and Simulated. No mention of "IFR".
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    High Performance and Complex Rating

    CFI can endorse, no need for examiner. Don't know about Canadian CFI endorsement. Common sense says yes, but . . . No formal training. With your experience, probably just a short flight with a CFI.
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    My tailwheel training impressions..

    If you grease a wheel landing on, great. A little forward stick to keep in on. However, you will sometimes bounce, everyone does. In this case, the "stick forward" advice can result in PIO and a go-around (or worse). On the rare occasions I have bounced :) I've found it best to slightly...
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    New To The Forum

    1. My third trip from Texas to Alaska. 2. Flying into Jackson Hole from the east on a crystal clear day. Really, too many to pick from.
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    Pilots n paws on taxes

    The limit on local taxes spelled the end of itemization for me.
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    Why GA exclusive w umbrella policies?

    Look at your policy. That $1M usually includes a $100k per person or per occupant limit, and quite low coverage for medical expenses. From the insurance company's perspective, I suspect the odds of a big payout from GA are higher that from a car accident or someone tripping on your walkway.
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    Partnership spreadsheet

    Speadsheet is the easy part. First you need a good contract between yourselves governing how expenses will be shared (equally vs. by usage), scheduling, how to exit the agreement, how to sell partner's share, etc. Will you fund an overhaul reserve? Discretionary vs. mandatory expenditures...
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    ATC provided wake separation

    If there's any crosswind, I ask for an upwind sidestep or early turn.
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    CFI Check Ride - What is it?

    My experience was a little different from most. I had some 1400 TT and lots of XC at the time. The examiner was FAA. Oral was about 2 hours and I guess I nailed it. I think he had pretty much decided I was going to pass as he forgave some peccadillos. We even stopped at a nearby Class G...
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    What is the best way to block tail number keeping it hidden from public tracking?

    No one is interested in my comings and goings :(
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    I’m calling the peak

    ArrowFlyer's data are quite interesting. Since his vertical axes don't start at zero, the changes are exaggerated compared to being looked at on a percentage basis. I am actually surprised that the price increases over the five years of data aren't more.
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    Spin training

    An "out the bottom" incipient spin in the direction of bank, e.g., base to final, would be very difficult to recover from at low altitude, regardless of one's spin recovery skill.
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    Precipitation intensity

    Generally, if the StrikeFinder's clear, I'll fly through it. Having said, I haven't flown through red since ADSB-in became available. Before that, ignorance is bliss.
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    Recommendation for flying school around Austin TX??

    I would not under any circumstances prepay for flight training. Too many have been burned. Flight schools come and go. What if you get started and have problems with instructor, aircraft availability, whatever?
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    Does the >150NM Solo Cross Country require 3 landings at controlled airfields? Is my CFI wrong??

    I flew a PAR on my instrument check ride. I'd say PAR is no more or less difficult that ILS. Both require fine aircraft control. Without the appropriate training I doubt the average non-instrument-rated pilot could do either.
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    Does the >150NM Solo Cross Country require 3 landings at controlled airfields? Is my CFI wrong??

    AFAIK Precision Approach Radar (PAR) is only available at military airports. Tower asked if I wanted one on my IFR check ride at CHS, a joint-use base, so PAR was my check ride precision approach. If you're near a military airport it wouldn't hurt to ask.
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    BUMMMFITCHH, pre-landing checklist questions

    Regarding "B - Brakes free", checking for hydraulic pressure by depressing the brakes is useful, especially in taildraggers. As for parking brakes, I'd never trust them for longer than it takes to chock the wheels.