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  1. Bobanna

    Complex/HP insurance for low time private pilot

    IMNSHO only. do the whole 40 in your plane; you'll probably need at least that time with your CFII to get not just exam-elligible, but really sharp on instruments. If you rent, it'll be pretty expensive, and it wouldn't surprise me if the insurance people would require a certain amount of time...
  2. Bobanna

    NZ to weigh pax

    Swipe to wipe?
  3. Bobanna

    NZ to weigh pax

    So simple. A caveman could do it.
  4. Bobanna

    NZ to weigh pax

    Was that you? I'm sorry, and I've lost 2 pounds since then.
  5. Bobanna

    Why does the FAA hate ADHD so much?

    You make it sound so cheap.
  6. Bobanna

    Here's a notam I haven't seen before:

    What state would you bury the survivors in?
  7. Bobanna

    Kathryn's report is permanently closed :>(

    Is it Craig or Greg?
  8. Bobanna

    Preflight Briefing

  9. Bobanna

    There are no stupid questions

    It might be short, but it sure is wide!
  10. Bobanna

    Lift - comments?

    If a man says something in the woods, and nobody hears him, is he still wrong?
  11. Bobanna

    See what happens when you put mayo on fries?

    I thought it was about ketchup on a hotdog.
  12. Bobanna

    15 Fun Flying Exercises

    will this replace my Kegel exercises?
  13. Bobanna

    Taking your dog flying

    I try to be the man my dog thinks I am.
  14. Bobanna

    Funnel Cloud Up Close

    Hold my beer.
  15. Bobanna

    Paint can in pressurized plane

    Z: Sounds like you cheated death, again.
  16. Bobanna

    The used car market parallel

    Show some sensitivity, man.
  17. Bobanna

    4 Seaters to save for?

    I fly without pants all the time.
  18. Bobanna

    what is this thing?

    It's loaded.
  19. Bobanna

    Eye floaters?

    Quite common, especially in those with myopia. How's your acuity otherwise? If it was me, I'd keep it quiet until your next eye exam, and bring it up casually if you need to. Medical certification for pilots often looks for skeletons in closets, thus don't create an issue unless you need to...