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  1. Jesse Saint

    Ride from Oshkosh to Dallas area

    I will be in Oshkosh next week. I am looking for a ride to the Dallas area from Oshkosh late in the week. My plane will be flying straight back to Florida.
  2. Jesse Saint

    New to avidyne navigators, how do you use yours?

    Foreflight. My computer auto-corrected.
  3. Jesse Saint

    New to avidyne navigators, how do you use yours?

    With a big-screen EFIS, I no longer use the iPad in flight. I use Firelight for flight planning, Weight & Balance calculations and logbook, but not in flight. The bluetooth keyboard is nice, but it is certainly not needed. I don't use one in either of my planes with the Avidyne navigators.
  4. Jesse Saint

    GNS430W no comm transmit audio & "tx"

    Any other GMA340 or PMA8000 or PMA450 will slide into the 340 tray.
  5. Jesse Saint

    Garmin 350C vs PS Engineering 450B

    I have the PMA450C in both of my planes. The options for music distribution and handling are unparalleled. The audio quality is excellent, but that would likely be the same on the 350C.
  6. Jesse Saint

    GNS430W no comm transmit audio & "tx"

    That may be an audio panel problem. What audio panel do you have? To test the 430, find someone else with a 430W, 430 or IFD440 and slide it in and see if the problem persists. If it fixes the issue, your 430 is the problem. If it persists, then a wire or the audio panel is the problem.
  7. Jesse Saint

    Pre flight checking Dual Garmin GPS setup

    Leave the 650 and 375 in instrument panel self test and both should show a valid and available. If you hit continue on the GPS, at first it won’t even have position. Once it gets position it won’t have a flight plan, so nothing for the Aspen to show. The VLOC item(s) will show as invalid when...
  8. Jesse Saint

    PMA-4000 reviews?

    I had one years ago. It’s a great unit, as are all PS Engineering products.
  9. Jesse Saint

    Dynon AP74 HS 34 autopilot upgrade?

    There is no way to do beyond what I described. If you upgrade to the Dynon Skyview, you can do all of those things with the same servos you have installed now.
  10. Jesse Saint

    Dynon AP74 HS 34 autopilot upgrade?

    Yours has altitude preselect, but only by a predetermined default vertical speed.
  11. Jesse Saint

    What is your favorite Audio Panel?

    My go-to favorite is the PMA8000G.
  12. Jesse Saint

    Advanced flight systems vs garmin

    I have flown the AFS system a lot. It is an excellent system and extremely capable. Navdata and Obstacles are free and are easy to download and install. If you want approach plates, sectional charts and airport diagrams, you will pay $50-120/year. Your navigator will just need the IFR Navdata...
  13. Jesse Saint

    Another panel upgrade musing

    It would be worth considering a basic Dynon system with auto pilot and a GPS175. Drop me a message if you’d like to talk about this option.
  14. Jesse Saint

    Aerocruze 100/TruTrak Question

    I’m not sure on this. Technically, it goes to Flg every time before it goes to Arm. It just changes so fast that you only see a flicker of Flg before it goes to Arm. Once it sees itself above the glideslope, Flg stays on. You may need to toggle mode twice to retry the Arm once below the glideslope.
  15. Jesse Saint

    Aerocruze 100/TruTrak Question

    It needs to be below the gludeslope to change from Flag to Arm.
  16. Jesse Saint

    Aerocruze 100/TruTrak Question

    It is possible to put a switch to disable altitude, but it’s not approved by the STC. You would have to adjust the altitude to altitude preselect and select a vertical speed.
  17. Jesse Saint

    A new panel with only GPS navigation for IFR flying

    For IFR flight, an IFR GPS only is adequate. For IFR training (at least a few hours) and the check ride, you will need to fly a VOR and ILS approach. There is some talk of removing the radio nav requirement, but it isn’t gone yet. For budget, you could just install the GPS and borrow/rent a...
  18. Jesse Saint

    Sun-N-Fun and Dynon Avionics

    The Sun-N-Fun fly-in is next week, Tuesday through Sunday. I will be spending most of the week at the Dynon Avionics booth in southwest corner of Hangar B. Please feel free to stop by for a demo of the Dynon equipment and a quote on a panel upgrade.
  19. Jesse Saint

    New Garmin 335 Install

    What ads-b do you have now? A 335 or a Stratus ESG would definitely be an improvement.
  20. Jesse Saint

    Single GPS antenna

    It can be done. I don’t know if it is approved.