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    Have you experienced an unintentional stall/spin before?

    Be aware that most sims don’t have real fidelity in a stall or departure scenario. Thats why most sim training is done as a approach to a stall only.
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    Dan Gryder Lockheed Electra Crash

    I was always taught to check the brakes for proper feel and pressure before every landing. It’s helped twice when things might have gone bad with no check. It won’t prevent a failure on initial application after touchdown but it will detect a slow leak that has compromised the brake system.
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    Altitude Directives in VFR Flight Following

    Maybe not a good day to be flying that route.
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    Delta Poisons Passengers

    That requirement was dropped years ago. No passengers on the flight became ill.It was a precautionary divert.
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    Southwest gets a turn in the spotlight

    It’s likely that they got their release by phone.
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    Logging King Air Time

    Do you have a King Air type rating?
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    United Flight Unexpected Diversion to Canada

    That once upon a time you mention was prior to FAR117. The crew could not resume the flight until they entered rest at a suitable facility for a period of time. The quicker the crew gets to rest the sooner the fight can resume.
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    ANG F-15 into Canal, Oregon, 5/15/2023, no injuries

    If you go to a airshow simply look at the arresting hooks on the Navy verses Airforce aircraft. The answer on short field arrestments will become clear. It’s also an issue of what type arresting gear as they have different deceleration rates. You don’t want to put a Airforce aircraft into a E28...
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    ANG F-15 into Canal, Oregon, 5/15/2023, no injuries

    I don’t know squat about the F15 hydraulic system. In most hi performance aircraft it is recommended to take a arrestment if available with possible brake issues. Navy aircraft would generally make a short field arrestment if available Other aircraft would make a normal landing with the long...
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    ANG F-15 into Canal, Oregon, 5/15/2023, no injuries

    In a tactical jet speed is generally not your friend when looking at runway required to get airborne. If your fast you eat up all the runway waiting for the engine or engines to spool and then burners to light. You can often get airborne in a light weight situation in a shorter distance from a...
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    United 767 touch and go video

    There are many reasons they might not deploy even if armed. Looking at the main gear touchdowns (multiple) and possible power settings they might not have meet deployment criteria. It’s also worth noting that for at least the first 15 years of 767 flying it was not required to even arm them. In...
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    Simple departure, ugly result!

    Boy you are listening to a different video than I am. They took off from 12L. There departure instructions were to fly a 105 heading. That’s a 15 degree left turn. They initially turn right which tower notices and corrects them to a left turn. That is about the only thing they comply with...
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    Simple departure, ugly result!

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    When they had the tough little A-4’s it was not unusual to swap a bit of paint.
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    What’s going on at United

    The charted minimums are 4000 RVR for that approach. You can set company minimums higher than charted but never Lower.
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    Military Helo Rotorwash

    Oceana is not going anywhere. There is simply no place they could move the number of squadrons they host.
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    Military Helo Rotorwash

    I think some are way overestimating how long downwash remains a factor. I worked around large helo’s many times. 30 seconds is not enough but 10 minutes is way to much. I personally use 3 minutes.
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    Under insured and sweating a little bit..

    Be aware that winning a lawsuit is not the same as collecting the money. A high percentage of lawsuits won never get paid. There are numerous dodges to legally avoid payment. The simplest is a divorce giving the wife 100% of the assets. Done by shoddy builders all the time. Simply moving assets...
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    Boeing cargo plane makes emergency 'belly' landing

    If foam is ingested by a running engine it generally requires a overhual. If not running a wash would be required.