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  1. DFH65

    Logging King Air Time

    The more interesting question might be how did the ATP rated pilot log his portion of the flight? Did he log it all as PIC? Is he a CFI?
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    Did not know about ADHD restrictions when I got my medical. What do I do?

    If I were king. I would eliminate all FAA medicals. The system doesn't work anyway. Before someone chimes in with I don't want to share the sky with people who are unfit...Let's face it if you have enough money and time you can almost get an SI for just about any condition. If you are...
  3. DFH65

    Plastic welding

    They do. I think it is the same. I always made my own.
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    Plastic welding

    I have a 1976 Apache Camper. It is a hard sided pop-up. A large portion of the camper is ABS plastic. The standard repair method is to melt ABS with MEK/MEK Substitute/Acetone to make a slurry. You can then repair the part with the slurry.
  5. DFH65

    Dan Gryder Lockheed Electra Crash

    For a self proclaimed safety expert he has been in a lot of accidents. I am inclined to do the opposite of what he says. ETA: I do hope everyone recovers quickly
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    How important is switching to Apple OS?

    I use Avare. It is free and android only. As a computer professional my stance is the same on these applications as it is on the IOS Android discussion. If you understand the concepts learning a specific OS or application is not that difficult. I work in multiple operating systems everyday...
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    Scary High Oil Temps - Lycoming 540

    Someone once told me redline is the redline if you are below it and not over it you should be OK. Key word should. :)
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    Best Way to Ship PA28 Seats Across Country

    I just drove out to Colorado to pick up an engine (FWF), Seats, Cowling. Fortunately my daughter lives in CO Springs so we visited her for a few days then picked up the engine and drove home. Cost about $700 in gas. Not sure how that would have compared to shipping but was planning to visit...
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    Pilot arrested for DUI blows .00

    My response the few times I have been asked this is, "No, but I bet you are about to tell me." Followed by their question, "Where are you coming from and where are you headed." Me, "(pointing behind me) from there, (pointing ahead of me) that way". It's none of their business where I have...
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    Pre Buy Inspection - Who generally pays for moving the plane?

    I wouldn't fly to you. Added risk for not much reward in a sellers market.
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    Electric Lawn Tools

    I am mixed on electric and gas for small yard tools. For the lawn there really isn't an electric option that will work tell that to the states that want to ban all gas equipment. We have 2 acres and it is pretty hilly so zero turn is not an option. It takes about 3 hours on the riding lawn...
  12. DFH65

    New device increases safety for general aviation pilots

    I look out the window and if there aren't leaves obscuring the wheels I know I am still OK. ;)
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    Flying with retired pilots

    Troll thread? I had 20+ years off took about 7 hours to get back to flying solo. The first thee hours I was wondering why it wasn't clicking. Then all of sudden it did and I was back. That was over 10 years ago haven't looked back. 7X50= $350 I think that is probably worth the price even...
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    how much risk flying in windy conditions

    My instructor used to say, "It is too rough to fly dual but you can fly solo if you want." :biggrin: I don't like flying when it is super gusty or bumpy, I do from time to time, but it just isn't enjoyable and I fly for fun. I don't ever take passengers except my wife (she doesn't seem to...
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    Pocket knife: Weird or normal?

    My only complaint is the pocket clip is bigger than it needs to be. I may just take mine off I don't use it anyway.
  16. DFH65

    Pocket knife: Weird or normal?

    This is my EDC. Buck Ranger Slim Select. Weighs 2.5oz. Plenty sharp. Made in USA. Buck lifetime warranty. Cost under $40 (I paid $29 for mine) so if you lose it, it isn't the end of the world.
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    Pocket knife: Weird or normal?

    I will let you in on a little secret. Not only do I almost always carry a knife. I look down on you if you don't.
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    Return to flying after heart attack?

    Did you drive a car to the cardiologist? Did he say whether you could drive or not? Just asking. :stirpot: My plan is the same as yours. Fly basic med until I can't. Then fly LSA until I can't or possibly shouldn't any more. Mosaic will make the LSA part more comfortable. Also want to say...
  19. DFH65

    Transporting an o-300 FWF

    Coming off a flying airplane that is being parted out due to corrosion and going on an airplane that was flying had a hanger door hit the spinner and prop during a wind storm but is otherwise OK.