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  1. Briar Rabbit

    Auburn Nebraska Crash?

    A 41 year old student and his 21 year old instructor crashed in a single engine Cessna near Auburn Nebraska. The two departed from the Lincoln airport. The airplane had significant damage and both were fatalities yesterday. Any details on the crash?
  2. Briar Rabbit

    Six Seats, Two Engines, Under 20 GPH

    How about buying my 210 - 3,575 TT Zero time engine with 125 hours, six passengers, STOL, 180 mph, 14.5 GPH
  3. Briar Rabbit

    New panel layout - give your feedback

    How about upgrading the whole airplane and buying from my 210? 3,575 TT and 125 zero time engine. six passenger, STOL, 180 MPH
  4. Briar Rabbit

    New panel layout - give your feedback

    Similar to what I did: Drop the VSI one spot on the panel and put the VOR/Glide slope shown for better display distance. Moved the engine monitor on the left made it to see easier, Especially put the center warning light adjacent to the altimeter / IFD Retained the needles for the fuel flow, MP...
  5. Briar Rabbit

    For Sale: Aircraft Cessna 210K

    Hi Guys, We had three brokers give me quotes on our 210. I am going to average our quotes and give you a number of $214,500. We are still waiting for two other brokers and will see additional quotes but expect the conversation to be in the same neighborhood. Please give me a PM if you want...
  6. Briar Rabbit

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    I was thinking "Purrfect"
  7. Briar Rabbit

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    OOPS - Comanche
  8. Briar Rabbit

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    The Cherokee must have made a low pass over the Sioux Nation?
  9. Briar Rabbit

    Does the military spoof ADS-B info?

    If I recall correctly - one time flying across Western Kansas ADSB painted a target directly in front of me, same altitude, same heading and airspeed - sudden and surprising. Turns out that it was my own airplane that was being displayed and shortly disappeared. Signal was sent from the ground...
  10. Briar Rabbit

    Identifying NAVaids?

    The Avidyne 540 identifies the navaid and Morse code displaying it below the tuned frequency. I generally preload 5 com frequencies and the VOR & Ils frequency on the Nav side before departure. In a couple of cases where the ILS at the destination was several hundred miles away this display...
  11. Briar Rabbit

    Rats are eating my Car

    I have a Cateerpillar Excavator that the mice must think it is a big piece of cheese. Tried rodent repellent, Green blocks of poison, mouse traps, sticky paper, peppermint. Still looking for a better sloution - has cost me nearly thousand dollars, maybe more haven't added it all up!
  12. Briar Rabbit

    What are your Avidyne data-block setups?

    Instead of the default 2 Com settings followed by 2 Nav frequencies I prefer to have the 5 Com frequncies display option. That way I can preload Ground, Tower, Departure, Center and destination ATIS while on the ground before departing. It is easy to push the lower left knob in once to get to...
  13. Briar Rabbit

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    I am trying to convince my wife that I am not aging, just ripening to perfection!
  14. Briar Rabbit

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    We all know mirrors don't lie... I'm just grateful that they don't laugh!
  15. Briar Rabbit

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    Walmart is opening Dental Offices in some of their stores. There will be an Express Lane for people with 12 teeth or less!
  16. Briar Rabbit

    Tail number placard on console

    Sure hope we don't start seeing your wifes name in Sharpie on her forehead, then we will worry for you!
  17. Briar Rabbit

    Wonder how old this is?
  18. Briar Rabbit

    Has anyone seen my rabbit?

    Probably not what you think it is, grouse tracks and then taking flight. Not enough disruption in the snow for a bird of prey strike. Cool pic though!
  19. Briar Rabbit

    Garmin GFC 500 Disconnect

    I had a pulley in the elevator trim tab system start dragging and cause a shut down. Replaced the little pulley and everything works great again.
  20. Briar Rabbit

    Soybean or cornfield emergency landing debate

    I checked with my local shop to price a pair of shoulder harnesses - $1,000 a piece, $2,000 for a pair for the front seats which also includes new lap belts. Labor and the STC will cost an additional $1,500. So $3,500 installed which is more expensive than I expected. A friend I know carries...