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    For Sale Whelen G3 Par-36

    Are you willing to just sell the landing lights?
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    CGR install questions

    Can’t answer the MAP and warning light question question, I don’t have a turbo. But on my Baron installation when MAP exceeds predefined limits to the red arc (you’ll need to send in the limitation pages of the POH when you order for them to configure) the red annunciator lights up. regarding...
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    Need a new DG. G5 vs G275 vs refurbished DG

    The G5 still installs in a round hole. Only the face is square.
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    Cessna 152 crash Seal Beach, CA

    Out of a flight school South Bay aviation from KTOA. Glad everyone is okay
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    Any Suggestion for a Baron Prebuy in Waukegan, IL?

    I'm in the process of acquiring an E55, and would like to get any reference for a pre-buy, possibly doing an annual as well, within 100mi of KUGN? Was suggested Jim Finefield in 3CK but they are a few weeks backed up with annuals.