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    Is it me or Cessna 182s just went up by $30-50K in the last 1-2 months?

    But then that leads to hookers, and your savings are gone.
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    Trump's Plane Clips Another at Palm Beach

    Has he been indicted for this yet?
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    Commercial Spaceflight and Aviation Trust Fund

    It seems obvious to me commercial enterprises should pay for government services they use. Whether it should come from use fees or business taxes is a matter for people with more intimate knowledge of the situation than I possess. I don't know what agency would be more appropriate to regulate...
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    Commercial Spaceflight and Aviation Trust Fund

    So you can see it when "they" do it?
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    Commercial Spaceflight and Aviation Trust Fund

    Strong opinion of the messenger without addressing the message. That's weird.
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    What’s going on at United

    A great man once had the same dream, but our society has regressed sharply since then. I guess it's just human nature to seek advantage in any way possible, but couch it in a manner that allows you to feel good about it.
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    Colorado Rockies Hitting Coach In Pilot Seat

    Things like that are why I have actively avoided wealth.
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    Do you think a bachelors degree will ever become necessary again to become a pilot at the airlines?

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but that sounds like a quick ticket to $100K in debt and living with your parents because you can't afford to pay rent.
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    Ferry flight lawsuit (mods please help with title)

    Sure they do, but other attorneys can make more depending on how they rule. For instance, need 16 continuances on a criminal case? Don't pay your attorney. The judge will leave the victims and witnesses swinging in the breeze, having to come to court over and over again for no reason before...
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    Ferry flight lawsuit (mods please help with title)

    Despite their constant chanting about truth and justice, the top priority of the legal profession is that attorneys make as much money as possible. It doesn't matter if they are trial attorneys, judges, or legislators, the priority remains the same.
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    Realistic career path?

    The biggest change "in this day and age" is to look at something that walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, call it a chicken, then get mad at people who think it's a duck.
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    This flying seems awfully expensive...

    If all of our actions were guided by financial prudence, we would never anything but go to work. Play to the extent you're able; it's going to be over soon.
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    Is Dan Gryder the biggest asset to aviation on youtube?

    Society seems to crave controversy and now, more than ever, all facets of media are catering to it. I consider Mr. Gryder to be in the same category as the Real Housewives and the Amish Mafia.
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    Amelia Earhart’s Long-Lost Plane Found?

    I prefer to think more of a Gilligan's Island situation.
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    PPR and Landing Fee Nonsense Again in Vegas for Superbowl

    Collusion doesn't negate discrimination.
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    Top Gun 3

    If they make another movie I can watch and just be entertained rather than preached at, I'll go.
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    (NA - sort of) Your at your local airport and witness a fellow pilot kick a dog on a leash

    I've trained 14 bird dogs of my own over the years and absolutely love doing it. With this particular behavior, the dog could end up dead before you can give him enough treats to avoid the danger. Same reason snake proofing isn't done with treats. This isn't whoa-ing or holding steady to wing...
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    (NA - sort of) Your at your local airport and witness a fellow pilot kick a dog on a leash

    The dog received an immediate correction for potentially fatal behavior. I'd file that way back under mind my own business.
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    (NA - sort of) Your at your local airport and witness a fellow pilot kick a dog on a leash

    Just kicked the dog out of the blue for no reason, or are you leaving something out?
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    The 2019 Hawaii Crash and The “Bad Flight Instructor”

    No, it just said you ran an illegal charter service. Why did the FAA and NTSB decide to single you out?