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  1. jonnyjetprop

    VFR into PHL?

    PHL controllers do a good job with GA. We have a pilot that commutes in flying his RV-7. RW 08 is takeoff only. RW 26 is land only. Otherwise they’ll use RW 17/35. As someone else said, watch your taxi instructions.
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    Being based at an airport that doesn’t sell fuel?

    The FBO at our local airport went out of business and there went the fuel. For me, it wasn’t a safety of flight issues. In was more annoying to have to make a pit stop for fuel prior to continuing. For others in my flying club, it was a bigger concern. The local airport authority has started...
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    Switch from Regional to Mainline

    Yes, they do swap routes.
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    Boat or Airplane

  5. jonnyjetprop

    How much do you tip for a haircut?

    $5 cash
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    airliner actual weight vs GTOW?

    Passenger weights are based off NIH data. Baggage weights are based off actual bag weight surveys done by the airline. Winter and summer differences are based on heavier winter clothing. Averages change based on the seating capacity of the aircraft. The larger the aircraft, the higher the...
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    3 year old SR20 - rental rate

    Factor in the cost of renters insurance. My very limited understanding is that the costs to fix minor hangar rash, etc. is high.
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    Is the Hiring Boom Over?

    If I were a low time pilot looking to go to a regional today, I’d apply for a cadet position with that regional. You’ll be slotted in for a future class when you get your R-ATP minimums. This won’t work if you’re at or near those minimums.
  9. jonnyjetprop

    Is the Hiring Boom Over?

    Not entirely responding just to your post, but more the entire thread. The ATP/CTP class doesn’t get you an ATP certificate. Therefore, most regional FOs will get their initial ATP issued at the same time as they get their type rating and company qualification.
  10. jonnyjetprop

    Is the Hiring Boom Over?

    Take a deep breath and relax. Why is there a captain shortage at the regionals? FOs didn’t fly during Covid but the captains were still advancing their careers. So there’s a gap in the progression ladder. By the end of this year, things will be back to normal again.
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    How long will the 747 fly?

    2053 or more
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    Commercial, why do it?

    My take: Commercial is a “super private pilot” ATP is a super instrument rating.
  13. jonnyjetprop

    Non owned aircraft insurance

    I would check with an aviation insurance expert. While there may be insurance on the aircraft you’re renting or borrowing, that insurance protects the aircraft owner. The insurance company will subrogate the claim and go after you for the insurance company’s loss.
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    Nerdy transponder question

    Kind of. They wanted to replace the ground radar system. Then 9/11 happened and the powers to be thought having domestic radar coverage was a good thing. Fun note: The FAA would still like to control aircraft using ADS-B but ATS hasn’t “turned it on”. One reason is too many commercial/airlines...
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    Address Change

    Customs when I was returning back to the US on an airline flight through Boston. Clearly I had been flagged for something as they went through everything I was bringing back including everything in my pockets. Funny thing was that I was an airline pilot at a supplemental carrier at the time so I...
  16. jonnyjetprop

    Address Change

    FWIW, I had a couple of instances where I was questioned (not by the FAA) as to why the address didn’t match other ID. $2 was worth paying.
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    Air Conditioning Effect Performance?

    I never was impressed with AC in a GA airplane until I flew a GA airplane with AC. Wish I had it now.
  18. jonnyjetprop

    Is There a Rental Price/Performance Comparison Tool?

    Something else to factor in is daily minimums. Sometimes it’s easier to figure the cost of the trip as hourly rate times the daily minimum and then figure how far away you can go. The other thing to factor is that at most of the places I rented from, I could get relief from the daily minimums...
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    Interesting and unusual airport/runway/taxiway designs

    Cherry Point, NC The entire center field is paved to avoid FOD for the Harriers and V-22s