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  1. R.L.Mauzy

    I'm officially slow but loving it ...

    So I've been keeping this close to my chest so to speak until I had everything finalized, but as of today I'm a fully checked-out part owner in a Sundowner. I purchased into an existing partnership a few weeks ago on the Sundowner and this weekend I finally had a chance to go out with a CFI and...
  2. R.L.Mauzy

    Wanted: Club Membership KINT - KMWK - KZEF

    I am looking for a partnership or club in KINT or KMWK or KZEF. I am most interested in aircraft like a Cessna 182 or Cherokee 235 etc. I would prefer fixed gear as I have no retract time and currently don't have access to either. All my time so far has been in 172's and Archers as that's all I...
  3. R.L.Mauzy

    Greensboro Nc fatal accident

    Not a lot of info on this one yet. If I see anymore I will update it. Maybe an experimental went down with 1 fatality and 1 injured as of this afternoon.
  4. R.L.Mauzy

    PA-30 down in Winston-Salem

    This happened yesterday 11-19 around 11 am and I can find a little info on it. Unfortunately it appears to be 2 fatalities, very sad. I did the usual searching and think maybe it left St Louis and crashed just a few miles from Smith Reynolds (KINT) where I fly out of. It sure looks like they...
  5. R.L.Mauzy

    1 injured in small plane down in Greensboro Nc Don't any other info on this yet but here is what I have seen so far. Last night on the news it was reported as an engine out, not sure if that's what really happened yet. 1 person was in it and survived and...