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    my c172 flight

    alright il see if i can get a medical cert
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    my c172 flight

    i have done my seconded flight in a c172 instead and it was nice a bit hard at the start but besides that it was great i got to learn about how to fly the plane and the controls the checklist and everything
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    LGEZ long ez Rutan

    yeah i want to fly them when i get my private pilot liscense like its a good plane i wanted to fly them but the cozy is also a good plane
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    LGEZ long ez Rutan

    i saw one of them the other day at RHV and i was thinking about buy one or getting a kit to make my own
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    my next flight

    I plan on flying in a Cessna 172 on my next flight I'm trying to get my pilot license in 3-6 months so far I have done one flight but I hope the c172 is much better because I have seen the inside I have be in one so I think it might be a better aircraft but maybe a bit harder to fly then the...
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    my flight

    my first flight was in a Citabria 7ECA reg is N990wy we departed the south side of RVH of the airport where we flew for awhile